Data Privacy Impact Assessments

Jenner House Surgery will ensure all new processes, policies, projects, services, information systems, and other relevant information assets are developed and implemented in a secure and structured manner, and comply with IG security accreditation, information quality and confidentiality and data protection requirements. We will fulfil these obligations by completion of a Data Privacy Impact Assessment, where appropriate to do so.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recommends that DPIAs are completed to comply with a change in law, introduction of new or intrusive technology or where person identifiable or sensitive information which was originally collected for a limited purpose is going to be collected for any new purpose(s) or reused in a new and unexpected way. 

For any major projects, Jenner House Surgery will publish the DPIA’s here; as part of our transparency information scheme.

For more information please see Data Protection Impact Assessment Policy

DPIA Documents:

Emis Medicines Manager- Data Protection Impact Assessment

Emis Record Viewer- Data Protection Impact Assessment