We’re very excited to announce the installation of a new patient contact system here at Jenner House.

Whilst our existing system already sends appointment reminders by text, you’ll soon be able to cancel your appointment by replying to the message.

This will take huge pressure off the phone lines, not only for our patients but also for our patient services team. We hope by making it easier for patients to cancel their appointments, they will feel more inclined to do so rather than just simply not attending.

When an appointment is cancelled by text, it also makes it automatically re-available for booking meaning another patient can make use of that valuable time with a practitioner.

As if that wasn’t enough, we will start using the service to send out reminders for individual patients to book appointments for things such as smear tests, diabetic reviews and flu vaccinations. This frees up valuable budget by reducing our postage & printing costs, which we can put back in to continuously improving our service for our patients.

So, do we have your correct mobile number?