Travel Vaccinations

Immunisations and advice for travel are available through our Travel Clinics at Jenner House.

There is a form that needs to be completed prior to an appointment being arranged, please click here to download a form, or collect from reception. Once completed, this can then be emailed to us: [email protected]; or handed in at the Practice.

The nurses will review your completed form and advise our Patient Services Team to contact you with a telephone appointment. There is no need to make the appointment when filling in the form – as your appointment may vary in length.

During your telephone appointment, the nurse will discuss all your travel arrangements including which countries and areas you are planning to visit. The nurse will then determine which vaccinations are required. You should allow 6 weeks to enable vaccination courses to be completed.

The nurse will then book any follow up appointments for immunisation.

Patient’s Responsibility

We ask our patients to consider travel immunisations in good time prior to their holidays (at least 6 weeks). Please do note on the form, or make the team aware if you are travelling at shorter notice.

You may need more than one appointment to complete your course of vaccinations, the nurse will advise you. If you do need a follow up appointment, this will need to be at least 2 weeks before travelling to allow the vaccines to work.


There may be a charge for certain vaccines. Some vaccines are available on the NHS. The nurse will advise you as to what vaccines are chargeable, depending on what is recommended for where you are visiting.